Proper Panning when double tracking...

  • Hey guys! I'm having a hard time finding answers elsewhere. From my Kemper, I record stereo L/R into Logic Pro X. My question is, when I double track guitars and hard pan separate takes left and right, should I be changing the pan knob from its default "balance" setting to "Stereo Pan"? Or should I just leave it? Thanks!

  • My strategy is to record each track in mono and pan them L/R. If I need a huge stereo sound I'll add different delays to each, but I try not to cloud up the mix with stereo delays and reverbs - the double tracking gives enough of the expansive stereo sound IMO.

    If you do need more of an immersive feeling I'd do it in the DAW by cloning each, sliding the clones slightly back in time (to the right in the DAW) and panning them to the other side and lowering the level to taste.

  • Hi,

    If you put the tracks hard left and right...and solo them and can only hear left....and then solo right...leave the other setting.

    Its just asking you what panning you want to appear when you create a new track...and the default for a stereo track will be...stereo panning! :)



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  • Recently, I’ve become a fan of LCR panning in mixes, so I usually record a main mono rhythm track panned to the middle, usually with less gain and more clarity and bite, then dub that with tracks panned hard left and right, usually with more gain and less definition. How tightly you can dub will always determine how well any double or triple tracking works (and by definition, the original “first” take should be locked in with the drum and bass groove). I’ve found this works pretty well, though. You can achieve the expansive wall of guitars sound, yet with the centre panned track giving a lot of the definition, you can sculpt the stereo guitars to not drown the mix.

  • As a bit of a rule for me - LCR for the first 80% of mixing...leaving your odd jangles and little bits of interest/sweetness some room to pop in and out from the 10 and 2 o'clock positions :D

    Though have been doing more and more of the guitar at 10 and the delay/effects corresponding to that track at 2 oclock - a bit van halen-y without the playing!

    PRS Custom 22's - Fender Strats - Diezel VH4 - Carol Ann OD2 - Toneking Imperial MK2 - Colin the Kemper - CLR Neo ii.