Kone in the Atomic Reactor?

  • Hi. I’ve recently picked up an unpowered Kemper and a 50w active Atomic Reactor cabinet. I really like what I’m reading about the Kone and would very much like to get that ‘amp in the room sound’ would replacing the AR speaker with a Kone work well or should I be looking at something equivalent that’s more FRFR? Or maybe a camplifier S2 and an empty cab for the Kone (Kabinets seem impossible to get hold of in the UK right now)


  • Hi,

    after many years playing with in-ears and studio monitors I´ve bought the Atomic Reactor and a Kone as well !

    Theoretically is it a neutral tube power amp with an the optimal Speaker for a kemper.

    I will report back later if the theory holds in the practical experience

  • And here are the first results:

    At home I´ve played the kemper with two Yamaha HS-8, the sound was clear but not very puchy ! So I added the Atomic Reaktor upgraded with a kemper kone in a kind of wet/dry/wet constellation.

    After a few tests I´m very satisfied because the atomic tube driven box added the kind of ooomph, dirt and punch that Studio Monitors are lacking.

    Don´t get me wrong, if you wanna finetune your sounds or recording the yamahas are still fine ! But íf you wanna rock around and have pure fun playing your guitar this combination is making a lot of fun !!!!