I just wanna amp with a few sounds but NO!

  • And/or re-link the master and monitor if you just want to use the master volume on the front of the Kemper


    I think I’m Finally sorted in terms of ‘fixing’ this thing -now, if anyone has any advice regarding how to arrange things so I can have a FoolProof(yep- I said it!!) Set-Up then that’d be Great?

  • so, V8guitar, How do you go about setting up your KPA, please..?

  • This is how I would go about it:

    There are 2 main modes to select your sounds, Browse or performance. Browse is a long list which you can step up and down 1 rig ( rig is a profile plus effects) at a time. Performance allows you to organse into 5 main Rigs within a group. This makes more sense when using a foot controller like the remote.. I would base this approach on performance mode:

    1) Decide what key sounds you want e.g. Clean, crunchy, overdriven

    2) Find the profiles you like that fit these by using Rig manager to explore and audition the profiles

    3) Save into the 5 slots in performance

    4) Use Morph to add to each slot...I have a main rhythm sound which I morph with a bit of volume boost for riffs, as I'm in a two guitar band. I have a totally different sound for solos.

    5) I use 1 performance per band I'm in. I find performance with morph flexible enough that I don't need loads of performances..


  • There are some really good videos on YouTube that I used back in January when I borrowed a friend’s Stage to play with. I don’t remember them off-hand but it wasn’t a difficult search. Kemper has good videos and i also watched a few user videos that were excellent. I figured it out in no time and was doing all of my setup with the Stage because I didn’t have Rig Manager. It really wasn’t that bad. Good luck!

  • the key to your dilemma is to think what you want to achieve and not be intimidated by the Kemper. It really is super easy.

    I would star with a simple 2 channel amp scenario (the exact same stages apply for 3, 4 and 5 “channel” versions).

    1 - find a clean sound like you would use as a normal clean channel on an amp. Load this in slot 1 of a performance.

    2 - now find a second sound you would use for your channel 2 on a real amp. At them moment treat it like a real amp and use a rig from a profile pack as you used in step 1. You can experiment with mixing amps layer. What you choose will deoend on whether you would tend to use a chunch sound on Channel 2 and boost this with an OB etc for lead. Or whether you would tend to go for an all out lead sound on a traditional amp.

    Now, if you would typically use any effects just add them to the slots before or after the Stack section. Again think like a traditional pedal board. Out FX you would normally use in front of the am (wah, Od etc) in the STOMP section. Put FX you would usually using in the amp’s FX loop in the FX section on the KPA.

    Save the performance with a name like my default amp. Job done. You literally have a simple two channel amp. There is no magic to it and it doesn’t need to be complicated.