Converting cabs operation stuck with last update. Can't import anything

  • Hi guys. I was in the middle of searching some cabs. I had lot of work I was looking which one is right for me and the software said, there is an update for your profiler and software. Everytime I open the rig manager it says THERE IS AN UPDATE-YOU HAVE TO UPDATE. Then i was it's ok maybe its helpfull, i'll do it and i did. NOW. I Cant import cabines to my kemper. Software stucks "converting cabs" operation. I don't know which one is bugged profiler or software.

    PROFILER Operating System 7.3.1

    Rig Manager 3 Release (3.0.117) for Windows

    Please help. I already uninstalled and re installed software. Didn't work. Used ccleaner didn't work. Can't import impulse response. Didn't try usb. It's waste of time there are too much cabins.