City Streets ( blaxploitation ) new vocal version & final mix

  • waraba

    Changed the title of the thread from “City Streets ( bloixploitation ) new vocal version & final mix” to “City Streets ( blaxploitation ) new vocal version & final mix”.
  • Awesome Renaud, great vibe and atmosphere. Great job from you all. Carmen takes it to another level with her contribution I have to say. Guitars and bassline as usual very tasteful. Super cool

    Thx Michael , lots & lots of hours spent on this track but yes the result is something to be proud of :)

    Carmen was a late addition , but you can definitely feel her Italian enthusiasm here , she's more of a rock singer but we asked her to go soul , and she did :)

    The bluesy guitar part is so pleasant to play , I'd love to play it live as there's room for improvisation around these slow & soulful themes.

  • nodding my head away here as I work listening to this in the background. dig it

    Thanks, I reckon this is a groovy and my coolest track so far , I'd love to do more soul tracks like these.

    Really cool evocative sound, she's got some great pipes too

    Thx for Carmen, she's a great singer , I reckon her voice takes needs much better equipment , I had to use a phone recording she sent us , recorded in Italy during the pandemics. The crappy phone did catch all room sound & a nasty super long reverb. I sorted it out using EQ, comp , and a gate.

    Lee & I decided to keep Carmen's phone take since it's such an epic story & a testimony of theses times. That makes this song even more cool to us.