My Stage is not listening to my Performance Saves???

  • I have tried saving my Performances multiple times in my Stage last night and today. I just purchased the Re-Amp Zone JJ100 and BE100 along with other amps. Every time I save my Performances for the BE100 it re-labels my JJ100 Performance and vise versa. I tried to save it with different titles, etc. I used the Stage itself and the Editor. I also had a different performance saved in Bank 4 that doubles it self automatically in Bank 8. What's going on? This is very frustrating. I wish I could bulk delete a Performance as well instead of overwriting it. Thank you

  • Reading some other posts today on the board, perhaps this is related to the recent Firmware update? I thought maybe the BE 100 and JJ 100 name and profiles names were too similar that the CPU was getting confused, but I tend to doubt that. The Re-Amp Zone profiles do sound amazing.

  • StewRacing

    Changed the title of the thread from “My Stage is not listening my Performance Saves???” to “My Stage is not listening to my Performance Saves???”.
  • Same problem here.... Kemper stage. Performances are being stored in random places and overwriting other slots.

    Yup, that's what is happening to me. It occurs whether I use the editor or the unit itself to save Performances. I guess we can assume it requires a Firmware correction for an emergency update.

  • it's been doing this off and on for multiple firmware and Rig manager versions. Kemper doesn't seem to have a handle on why its happening to some but not others

    Scott Rosenberger

    doing what, off and on? from what we can see, this is new. it seems that people talking about now, starting a couple of days ago whereas earlier on, it wasn't mentioned.

    why do you think think is not new? did you contact us in the past with this issue or read about it on the forum?

    thanks, gs

  • I'm talking about the seemingly random replacement on slots in a performance. It's been happening for a long time