editor pages and doing cabinet / IR auditions

  • so in RIG EXCHANGE, it is cool to use the RIGHT ARROW key to go from profile to profile. very easy to do with picking hand.

    when editing a patch and auditioning CABINETS, this same technique does not work. one must actually DOUBLE MOUSE CLICK on teh cabinet which is no bueno.

    anyone have a workaround or have a feature request in for this?

  • Rigs can be loaded this way in any location: initial double click, then left or right arrow to step through the Rigs within the current location. This works in Rig Exchange, MyProfiler, Rig Packs, Local Library, mounted backups.

    Presets cannot be prelistened via double click at all, but have to be moved into a specific module within the signal chain via drag and drop.

  • Actually the CAB presets will load just by double clicking on them. Since there is only one place for them to go...

    I too would love to have the same right/left arrow key behavior as when loading rigs.

  • Right, this is 100% specific to being in a profile, having the cabinet chosen and then going through PRESETS of the "Cab" type. You can double click to load a cabinet but it makes the picking hand leave the guitar. With the RIGHT ARROW key you can use fret hand and its just way faster and easier. Sure would be nice to have this feature available to audition CAB IR's for those of us who have boatloads of them.