Using Dual Kempers: Morph Issues With Second KPA

  • I am using two Kempers: 1st is Stage, connected with MIDI and ¼" to Rack. Two different performances in same slot for both. MIDI UI is activated on KPA #1, Constant Latency activated on both. Scrolling through performances on KPA #1 (Stage) changes performance appropriately on each unit. The problem is that selecting a Rig on Stage (#1) activates the appropriate Rig on KPA #2 but it is the Morphed version of the KPA #2 profile (not the 1st/lower version as called up on KPA #1). Two additional clicks on the Rig Select button will change #2 down to the unmorphed rig, and additional clicks on the same Rig Select button will morph both KPAs properly. I am not sure why this happens or what I can do to correct it. Outputs and all else work as they should, and the sound of two Kempers blazing forth with complimentary amp profiles into their respective left and right speakers is something that everyone should experience if possible!

    Any help regarding this will be much appreciated.