Kemper + Audio interface that will get the job done

  • Hi everyone.

    I have a question for you all.
    I am thinking of getting a Kemper Amp Profiler because Bias Fx sounds really bad compared to it.
    Now I will also need to get a new audio interface that has spdif connectors so that I can record my guitar with the Kemper on the pc.
    So could anyone of you guys recommend me an audio interface that will allow me to record with the Kemper to its fullest potential?
    When I say "fullest potential" I mean that there will be no quality loss due to the audio interface not being able to cooperate with the Kemper to the fullest.

    I see audio interfaces costing everything from € 300 to € 1500 and more.

    I am not sure which one to take.
    I don't want to spend too little and end up with an audio interface that does the job badly.
    And I don't want to spend too much and end up with an audio interface that would be overkill for my purposes of recording.

    So some advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  • The Focusrite 8i6 has coaxial SPDIF, it also comes with a lite version of Ableton Live, you'd have everything you need.

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  • I never use SPDIF and get good results with analog. In a couple of areas I use Steinberg's UR22, which doesn't support SPDIF. Very reliable hardware, very good analog quality. Also very simple setup.

    Many people here use SPDIF and get excellent results. Be advised, however, that going digital on occasion means additional configuration / compatibility concerns. Analog is always just analog. Depending on your geek comfort level, that may or may not be an issue for you. Whether or not the audio difference between analog and SPDIF is something you can feel is also a consideration.

    The UR22 comes with a free version of Cubase, which is probably more than you'll need. Cubase is a traditional DAW recording / mixing approach in the vein of Pro Tools. Ableton Live supports that to a degree but its strength lies in its innovative design that makes sample / beat / loop based performing more intuitive. They're both very good at what they do, it's a matter of which is the most comfortable for you.

  • I have a Presonus Studio 1824C. All the connections sound great, my recording sound pretty much exactly like the headphone output of the Kemper, does everything I need it to. Not sure how it compares to the others mentioned, but works good for me.

    It ran around $500, but they have models in the same series that have less inputs and outputs for around $200 I think.

    One factor is it is a USB C interface, so if you have a USB C connection on your computer (or will upgrade at some point in the future), that's a plus. It won' be outdated as fast as some others might.

    I still have an older PC with std USB connection, works fine with it. I think with USB C, you can get much faster data transfer which equals lower latency.

  • If you're only interested in tracking with direct monitoring (i.e. not monitoring through your DAW ) then any interface should work. The sound differences are small between interfaces.

    If you're interested in monitoring in your DAW ( using DAW effects in real time ) then I really recommend RME. I have the Fireface UCX model and the latency is really low and also the TotalMix program allows you to route your audio in all kinds of crazy ways.

  • Since you don't really need the preamps, I'd say the difference in sound quality between mains and SPDIF will be negligible on most interfaces. The most important in my opinion is stability/quality of the drivers (something that doesn't occasionally disconnect or is trouble) and specs (do you want thunderbolt or USB, supporting spdif if that's what you want, number of in/outs if you want it for a studio or tp track something else where you need the preamps).

    That's anecdotal but in my experience, I've had great results with: Native Instrument Komplete (cheap) and RME and bad to terrible results with Audient and Apogee (which I'd avoid). The Germans win again I guess.