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  • Hello,

    I'm just here to announce my profiles. Today I profiled 2 outstanding amps.

    The first one is an original Fender Bandmaster Blackface from 1965 played thru a George 2x12 cab with VOX labeled greenbacks in it from the 90's.

    The second one is a VOX AC30/6 TB from the 90's, made in the Korg era in the Marshall factory. In my opinion, this is the best reissue of the AC30 to date, in terms of sound.

    Both were recorded with a Sennheiser e906 on te centre of the cone, nothing special.

    The sound is in the edge of breakup, the profiles are very versatile. The dynamics are really good. If you tweak the gain you can achieve amazing cleans, to really good rock n' roll tones. They take effects very well too. The bandmaster has only a reverb by default and the AC30 has a treble booster, lead booster, tremolo and delay and reverb. By default, only the reverb is on, but try enabling those, and you will see what i'm talking about!

    I made the direct profiles too but the quality wasn't enough and by now I will put only the studio ones.

    I hope you enjoy this profiles!! I will make more as soon as I can. You can download both from rig exchange.


  • I will get them soon if I can get away from "covid 19" isolation causIng an Elite Dangerous binge I'm stuck in atm lol.^^

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... :D Kemper/Helix user