BUG: Turning on audio interface causes crackling on Kemper

  • I was playing my Kemper through a cab today and thought I'd fire up my computer and run through the monitors instead.

    As soon as I turned on the interface, there was some crackling introduced to the Kemper signal. It was connected to the interface via spdif.

    I though the crackling would go away after the computer was booted up, but it continued. Strumming caused the entire signal to crackle.

    Took a power cycle of the Kemper in order to make it go away.

  • Which way round is your clocking scheme working? The Kemper could be trying to be either master or slave, if it’s the Stage. One of the devices can’t have locked to the incoming signal correctly, so both devices ran as masters on their own ‘free’ time’, I would suggest. This would explain the errors in the data stream that you heard. If there is only one SPDIF connection from Kemper to interface, then the interface firing up has no impact on the Kemper clocking-wise. Power cycling the Kemper in this case though would force the interface to re-clock again, so it is difficult to know what was to blame unless you can find a ‘recipe’ to reproduce this.