Kemper Stage SPDIF with Universal Audio x8p

  • Would like to try Kemper Stage digital outputs with my computer audio interface. Kemper Stage SPDIF output with Toslink inputs of x8p.

    Ideally Kemper Stage would be the slave in this setup. Anyone doing this with good success? Also, what product are you using to get Kemper's SPDIF to go to Toslink?

    I've read the manual and done searches. Still not totally clear.

    Thank you

  • The X8P has coaxial S/PDIF input and output. It does not have a S/PDIF optical (Toslink) input.

    The X8P has two pairs of optical ADAT I/O ports. These ports cannot be used as S/PDIF I/O.

    Note that the Apollo Twin models can use their optical ports in S/PDIF format, but the Apollo rack mount units cannot. Also, the second pair of optical ports on the rack units are only active when set to S/MUX mode.

    The Kemper Stage has coaxial S/PDIF I/O. The Stage can be either a clock master or a clock slave.

    That is good, because with a Kemper rack or toaster, you’d be forced to set the X8P to be the clock slave. The rack and toaster Kemper models are limited to being the clock master.

    That’s how I set up my non powered rack with my Apollo 8. Which precluded me from connecting some of my other gear. I would much prefer to use my Apollo interfaces as the clock master.

    If you want to connect the digital I/O of both the Stage and X8P, use the coaxial ports. Set the Stage to be the slave and the two devices will sync perfectly. Now you can record and/or re-amp using the digital connection between the two devices. But you cannot use the digital connection to insert the Apollo’s effects into either of the Stage’s effects loops.

    So how can you use the Apollo’s effects in a Stage effect loop? Go analog.

    If you have limited line level I/O, I suggest that you connect your Stage’s second effect loop to the X8P via an analog send and a pair of stereo returns. That will allow you to use the X8P as a real time multi effect unit after the Stage’s profile block. Of course, if you have enough available analog line level I/O, you can connect the Apollo to both of the Stage’s loops.

    In the two loop setup, you could for example, place a Distressor in front of your profile and Capitol Chambers after it.

  • In general, does anyone also know if it takes two cables when wanting to run Kemper Stage as a slave when connected digitally? Meaning, one hookup from Kemper Stage going to audio interface, and then one out of audio interface and back into Kemper Stage.

    Wasn't clarified for me from reading the manual.

    Thank you.

  • It doesn't depend on slave/master, it depends on what you like to do via SPDIF. If you like to reamp, both connections are necessary. If you only like to record/hear via SPDIF, one connection is enough.

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