Would anyone care to make free MB Road King 'Dream Theater / Train Of Thought' profiles please?

  • Hello everyone,

    been learning JP solos lately. Loaded 2 dozen RK tones, 5 at relatively high gain, but not exactly in the 'Train Of Thought' ballpark.
    Strangely, it appears a Mark IV channel 3 Lead profile I have among others sounds even closer.

    Would anyone be interested to make a few profiles please? For the sake of Music ;-)

    Sorry, I never played a Road King so I have no idea what the settings should be. These 3 pieces of advice are what I was able found in them internets, to start with something:
    1) Channel 3 - set to Vintage, 2x6L6 + 2xEL34 (or 4x6L6) + Tube Rec + 2x12 open back + 2x12 closed back, Reverb on, Gain around 3:00

    2) CH3 - Vintage, 2xEL34 + 2x6L6, Tube rec Reverb 9
    Master: 12 Pres: 1 Bass: 11 Mid: 3 Treble: 1 Gain: 1
    (all o'clock)

    3) as in diagram. However, the file name has both '2004' and 'octavarium' in it, IDK if the settings are similar.