Rig Manager 3.03120 behavior which should be improved

  • loading a Slot in Performance mode, then activate an effect via the remote, push Slot again ---> the effect remains activated, even stored in the performance

    This is the same bug as in a former RM-Version.

    When you use Rig Manager, Remote behaves slightly different to a performance situation. The slots do not "reset" in this case.

    Please change the thread title, it's not a bug.

  • Hurricane

    Changed the title of the thread from “Rig Manager 3.03120 Bug” to “Rig Manager 3.03120 behavior which should be improved”.
  • I've got my 30 to 40 songs organised in Performances.We often Play Songs randomly out of a predefined order. Fast Scrolling through Performances via the remote`s up and down switches is nearly impossible since the latency is too high. Switching from f.e. Performance 5 to 25 cannot be managed (for me) between songs while talking to the audience. After each songend you have to go to the profiler and choose the desired performance via the type-knob and load it up. That's pretty annoying. So I place my Laptop where I can reach it from my microphone-place and choose the Performance via RM. The Problem now is my Initial complaint of this thread (see above), because the behavior is "slightly" different .:wacko:

    The other case is during our rehearsals, where I (still) tweak and optimize my sounds between Songs. This is much more efficient via RM than via the Profiler-Menues. Also here the Problem with activating effect-slots occurs.<X

    In the last but second OS-Version the Problem was also evident, in the last OS-Version the wrong behavior was solved, in the current OS-Version it is evident again. That's what I resist to understand.:/

  • Legit use case. I'm afraid RM wasn't designed to be used like this (and given issues it has with performance management using it live seems to be walking on a thin ice) but you may consider slightly different approach, which would require some tedious setup work at first but might be better / more stable / less error prone in the end. You could give MainStage a try (if you're on a Mac) and manage your show from there, having connected computer to Kemper via MIDI. So whenever you'd be selecting a song in MainStage it would send appropriate MIDI messages to switch to the right performance. Switching via MIDI is instantaneous and you would not have to touch anything during the show. Additional benefit of using MIDI - you could reconfigure the entire show via MIDI (synths, backing tracks, what have you) with a single click.

  • I use Bandhelper on an inexpensive Android tablet. I have a Bluetooth Midi adaptor on the Kemper.

    Now I can choose a song on the tablet, and through Bluetooth/Midi the Kemper jumps to the correct performance/slot wirelessly.

    Tablet is clipped to the mic stand. I have all 70 of our songs in a set list alphabetically. Just scroll to the song, tap it and boom, done.

  • Thanks for your replies, guys !

    For me your Solutions seem Pretty costly for avoiding a Problem which appears and disappears in different OS-Versions.

    Besides this: disconnecting RM and switching slots and effects by the remote would solve the initial Problem (engaged effect stays active) much easier.

    For me it's sometimes hard to understand, why such a highly develloped piece of Equipment lacks Basic functions in usage

  • i very much like the fact that i can edit and fine tune tune a performance without the need to press store everytime a switch from one rig slot to another, just to get the volumes right this would be very disturbing. so for me, it‘s a feature i dont want to miss, not a bug.