Remote Looper switches used to control DAW looping

  • Trying to see if I can use the Kemper Remote Looper switches to output cc messages to control Logic's Live looping or Ableton.

    I've seen old threads saying the remote won't send cc but wondering if it can now.

    I see that in performance mode I can use the remote to send patch change cc#, but what I really want to do is disable the looper in the Kemper and then use those switches for remote operation of Logic or Live. If I use the remote as patch changes to trigger Logic loops, it will also change my rig sound in the Kemper. I want to keep the selected rig by going into Looper mode, then use all those cool labeled loop switches for looping with my DAW.

    As cool as the Kemper looper is, if I could chose to use the DAW instead it would open up a world of layering, not just one loop.

    Then I could switch back and forth from Looper mode, change my Kemper Performance rig, go back to Looper mode, use switch 4 or 5 to move to the next loop cell and get my freak on. Or if possible, once in Looper mode, could the UP/Down bank switches also output CC#s. That would be great for moving up and down loop cells.

    The tap switch would remain tap tempo as always.

    It's just so frustrating having this amazing remote with all these great switches, already labeled and everything but I can't use them with my DAW.

  • Guavadude

    Changed the title of the thread from “Remote sending CC switches” to “Remote switches sending midi CC”.
  • Guavadude

    Changed the title of the thread from “Remote switches sending midi CC” to “Remote Looper switches sending midi CC”.
  • Simple replace the Slave Kemper with your DAW

    That helped. I was in Looper mode on the remote and nothing was happening. I've revised my original post for what I really want.

    It would mean adding a Kemper pref to disable internal looping in order to control DAW looping and the Looper switches to output CC#s . It would be amazing to use the full range of Kemper sounds to layer as much as I want in the DAW with remote control.

  • Guavadude

    Changed the title of the thread from “Remote Looper switches sending midi CC” to “Remote Looper switches used to control DAW looping”.
  • Burkhard


    Can you please move my original post to feature requests.

    I can’t think of any upgrade to the Kemper that will make a bigger difference in my creativity and work flow.

    It will let me use the full capabilities of the DAW and the Kemper Rigs and Remote by merely letting me disengage the Kemper looping with a menu preference and adding cc# to the Remote’s looping switches.

    I really hope the team considers this. Thx!

  • I would also like to see the Kemper team improve on the looper. It's solid, but it could be vastly improved. Sending CC messages to Ableton would be great for extended loop times, and undo/redo overdubs from the Remote.

    I'd settle for USB drive saves of loops, with extended loop times.

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