PRS Custom 24 (or similar) players!! What are you favorite profiles?

  • I used to love the sound of my Custom 24 through my AC30 6/tb, but I just haven't found any AC30 profiles that I am in love with (I have all of the tone junkie profiles and MBritt's 1965 top boost profile).

    Does anyone have a profile that they just love using with their custom 24 (or similar guitar)??

  • Very subjective topic but I personally like official Victory Amps profiles V40 (after tweaking) and MBritt's D-pack (no tweaking - they just sound good out of the box).

    Totally agree, I love the Victory V40 profiles, excellent price too.

    jstoffel ive been looking for a decent AC30 profile and I found the Choptones Vocs 30C1 pack good, but also the Kemper included top Jimi AC30 is really good so perhaps look at his website and buy the pack if you like it too.

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  • If you're after an AC-something sound you might want to look in the RigExchange as well. I like the "Mister May" profile from the author Jen. Without the effects in there in with some tweaks that's a great Vox sound with played with powerful humbuckers (PRS Custom 22 here as well).

    And Michael Britt has an incredible set of very Vox'y profiles in his 2020 pack under the name "THat Royalty". Very versatile, profiles of the amp in different flavours. Very dynamic with a good sounding guitar like the PRS. That might come close to what you are looking for. The pack has other gems as well in it.

    P.S.: @Mods, you might want to move this thread to commercial profiles section if needed. Thanks.

  • For me my Vox profiles only really came to life once I'd bought the Kone.

    Im looking forward to when Victory profile their 'The Copper' amp, that should be good if and when they do. The amp is very much based on the the Vox.

    'You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead' - Stan Laurel

  • I like the top hats in the Britt pack too with CU22 - pickups are transitions so YMMV

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