Strange Spaceship swish sound when holding out palm mutes and chords

  • I just picked up a Kemper power head a week a go and I’m getting strange sound like a spaceship landing after chugs and palm mutes along with chords. I’ve followed all the instructions from Kemper for restoring to nothing and backing up with no relief. Are there any other Kemper owners out there that have any answers or have had the same issue? It does this in both headphone and speaker out. I don’t have the means to test the main outs atm. I tried attaching video file but its too big.

  • Hmmm....I'm guessing you've already tried some other profiles/variables in the signal chain?

    Sometime on profiles I am checking out for lead sounds (in particular) when you bend a note it sounds like there is a weird swirling underneath it - a bit like if you are playing a unison bend that is intentionally dissonant...

    Sometimes turning the modulation down or off in the the delay helps - sometimes there is something weird in the delay if it is set for stereo and you are monitoring in mono (without adjusting outputs)...if there is no delay on the profile - I have always thought it has just been profiled badly and move on.

    Not sure what else it could be...just as overall checks - is space turned off and is monitor cab off when you are using your real cabinet?

    Hope that helps mate - if not - please post an audio clip and I'll have a listen.



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