EP1 KP Not working

  • I've followed all the steps listed to connect my expression pedal to my kemper stage

    - connected to "pedal one" with TRS cable

    -selected "wah" for pedal one

    -added a "wah" to my FX chain BEFORE the amp and cab

    but the wah seems to be working in reverse, and its not even really doing a wah sound then

    is there something i'm doing wrong? some step I missed? faulty equipment?


  • sounds like the problem is the Wah effect settings rather then the pedal itself. There is an option for the way sweep to be reversed in the effect it self. I would suggest searching the forum for the Wah presets thread and download those presets. That will give you a great starting point for all of the main Wah pedals out there which will help you learn what each control does.