Is my Kabinet faulty?

  • I bought the Kab on launch to go with my powerrack and loved it immediately. About 3 days ago, I just felt like everything became thin and fizzly, I've reformatted the rack in case this would fix it but at this point I'm sure something is wrong.

    When I press the kemper kone button, the sound gets noticeably thinner! When I press the monitor cab off switch to engage the imprints, it gets even thinner and brighter still. It sounds like a bad active eq. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

  • I haven't even gigged the thing due to the covid situation. I have only played in my office. It's sounded perfect until one day... it didn't. There's a chance it's blown but it's most likely not due to power amp being too loud.

  • do you have a cabinet active in the rig itself (stack section)? If not the Kone DSP assumes you are using an acoustic guitar and switches to FR mode which would explain the fizz.

    I do! It was all working fine but now when I engage the Kone, it gets thinner, if I engage the imprint it gets even thinner. Very unusable. I had a guitarist chum come over and he agrees, it sounds just plain off. Almost like the low frequencies are out of phase.

  • What imprint is in use?

    Is it possible that you have a beefy speakers in the Studio Profile Cab section but something much more scooped in the imprints so are comparing apples to oranges?

    This could happen in two ways.1) accidentally changing the imprint in the output menu. 2) using the per rig overrides so that even though the global output imprint is say a V30, the rig specific imprint is overriding this and applying a Green Back or a Jensen etc.

    Another possibility could be that the speaker jack isn't fully plugged in on the Kabinet. When I first got mine I though it was faulty as every time I played a hard chord the sound went all crackly and the volume dropped to nothing. It turned out that, in my rush to try it out, I hadn't put the speaker cable in properly. and the power amp was trying to protect itself from overload.

    If neither of these sort it I would contact support as it certainly shouldn't be doing that.

  • I will investigate the global imprint setting. Vs the amp's own preset (which I didn't know existed).

    I have been using almost exclusively the Celestion Blue which is my favorite.

    I tried to capture an A B for the support staff who have been kind enough to help. Ignore any mistakes but I'll include a link. I of course understand how futile it is to really do this but I don't know how else to move forward and fix my issue.…0yRNKQ9uSK5Wb?usp=sharing I used all stock profiles after Peter supplied me with a V7 stock backup. JCM 800, Hiwatt clean and some Fender Twin profile. I recorded DI into a pc and also with a Zoom H4n Pro (again, I know it is potentially borderline useless to do this but I think you can especially hear some of the harsh sounds in the JCM 800 Zoom H4n Pro 2.mp3.