Kemper Kabinet UK availability?

  • I gave up as they were suggesting 120 days which was well over a month ago. Kemper quoting 60 days now.

    I opted for a Kone, purchased a Victory cabinet and just changed the speaker. Easy.

    In my opinion life's too short to wait for something for that long.

    However that may have something to do with me being impatient though!

    'You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead' - Stan Laurel

  • I too am seeking one but my main 3 go to retailer's for gear don't have them in stock and as mentioned above its over a month til they expect to get any more in. So I just went for an Orange 1x12 to make do with in the meantime, it sounds pretty good to be fair even though its not going to give me the proper profile sound through speakers.