Small Portable Speakers for Stage

  • Are you taking it somewhere in the car, on the plane, hand-carrying on public transport? The smallest ‘wired’ speaker I own is a Fostex 6301D (AES and analogue input) that is a miniature, active reference monitor for a variety of applications that I sometimes have to take in a suitcase/pelicans on trips for my work. You see them in broadcast venues the world over, alongside Genelec 8010 speakers, wherever some ad-hoc monitoring is needed. The are loud if you’re monitoring by yourself and not trying to fill a large space with sound. Is this the sort of thing you mean? I’m sure there are numerous more affordable, good copies as well. I sometimes plug this into my Stage at home when I can’t quite be bothered to fire up my main monitoring system, mixer etc. and don’t feel like putting my cans on.

    Obviously, if lightweight and portability are top priorities, just use one!

  • A former co-worker of mine has the Bose S1 for his vocal and acoustic. I heard him play and it sounds great for that. He obviously wasn't using a Kemper or other unit but it sounded great in the room. I also play acoustic and sing so it would have a good dual use to justify the added cost verse a simple Headrush unit that I know has good reviews.