Kemper Stage into Saffire Pro 40 routing issues (SOLVED)

  • Hi everyone! Brand new Kemper user here, so please, bear with me if i sound like an idiot.

    Ok, so i have looked across multiple threads here and i havent found the answer for the issues im having. I am using a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 firewire interface, into a mid 2011 imac running High Sierra, via SPIDF cable ins and outs. I am able to monitor my kemper profiles and hear myself playing just fine via my monitor outs from the Saffire to my speakers, however, my issues start when trying to get the signal routed into Logic X via Focusrites Mix Control software. This is my first time using any outboard gear thats not just directly plugged into one of the main first 8 inputs, and its been trickier than i expected. Using the analog ins is very straight forward, but using SPIDF in has not so far. If anyone has experience with this set up, i would greatly appreciate some pointers!

    Here is my setup:

    GTR -> Kemper input

    SPIDF Out -> Saffire SPIDF IN

    SPIDF In -> Saffire SPIDF OUT

    Kemper Output settings:

    SPIDF OUT: Master Stereo

    Monitor Out: not used

    Main out : not used

    SPIDF Volume: 0dB

    SPIDF Clock 44.1kHz

    In Mix Control channel inputs 9 and 10 are set to SPIDF 1.1 and 1.2 respectively

    In Logic channels 9 and 10 are armed, input and record enabled(those are the channels for SPIDF on the Saffire pro 40)

    Now, I am able to record in Logic currently, however, i have ZERO control over panning or how much signal is getting through. It all seems to be determined by Mix Control. No matter what i seem to try, no matter how i change the settings in mix control the panning always stays pretty centered. If i pan all the way to the right in Logic, no signal gets through. If i record the track as is, then move the recorded audio to a brand new track, with no input source, still i have the same issue with panning. If i pan right, the audio is gone, even though it has no source input and is just an audio file. This is super confusing to me haha. The track is still showing signal is there, it just goes mute if i pan right.

    Now i feel like this is something really really dumb that im just missing, but after nearly 10 years of using logic in a variety of ways and setups, this is the first time ive had any experience with the SPIDF and with a Kemper for that matter, and my heads spinning a little bit. I just wanna be able to record the awesome sounds i hear from the kemper in as efficient a way as possible! I am mainly hoping to just be able to send the kemper signal into Logic and let logic be the gatekeeper. If i use amplitube as a plugin and record directly into the Saffire Pro 40 i have zero issues with routing, panning, or volume control. im hoping its possible to have that same flexibility with the Kemper. PLEASE HELP!!

  • Hi everyone! Brand new Kemper user here, so please, bear with me

    Welcome, have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper. This is a great forum with a lot of helpful people. Thanks for all the details you shared and especially for looking through the old threads. Good thing.

    Regarding your problem I'm afraid I can't help much in this moment as I am not on Mac/Saffire/Logic but on PC/M-Audio/Cubase - nevertheless recording via SPDIF works extremely well and straight forward usually. With great quality. The setup as you describe seems pretty right to me. Just the routing in the Mix Control and Logic might interfere here.

    Let's see if somebody here has a good idea. Fingers crossed...

  • Panning in Focusrite Saffire Mix Control doesn't affect anything going to the computer. The panning feature in MixControl only affects the "Mix" you're currently using in Saffire Mix Control ... e.g. the Mix to your speakers.

    In other words:

    ALL inputs go directly and unaffected to your computer (via Firewire), no matter what you set in MixControl. No Pan, no Gain (via the Mix Control faders).

  • i use SPDIF with an old Saffire Pro 14 and Logic X - so not far from your setup.

    i dont use mix control for monitoring. In my case Input 5 is set for Direct and Input 6 either Stack or Master Mono. I send everything to the stereo outs and pan in Logic without any issues.

    see thats what i thought too! Apparently with the 40 it uses channels 9 and 10 instead of 5 an 6 like the 14, but for some reason i still cant get the stereo signal split left and right to those two channels ugh. Also, i dont know where im supposed to control the signal level from because while using the first 8 inputs on the 40, they all have pre-amps and front panel knob controls to tame the gain, with the SPIDF input, is that controlled directly from the kemper? Should it be pumped up going into the Saffire to makeup gain like the other inputs are used for? Its been driving me crazy for the past few days.

    Another issue i have had, and i believe i narrowed this down to mix control, but cant remember how i fixed it, is when i have a track armed to record, its like im receiving two sends of the same track, but with one delayed a few milliseconds, like bad latency. Only im hearing both played at the same time. I think i muted something on mix control to fix that, but still ive found that my recorded volume of the audio tracked is not nearly as loud as my monitors sound while playing/recording. This is why i feel like something in mix control is playing gatekeeper for what is being sent to logic

  • UPDATE: Apparently my mix control software was not the absolute latest version, and that was the difference. I am now able to pan channels back left and right, my SPIDF signal from Kemper is split perfectly. I knew it would be something dumb hahaha. Thank you though to those of you who took the time to respond! Happy times playing and recording ahead!

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  • with the SPIDF input, is that controlled directly from the kemper?


    i feel like something in mix control is playing gatekeeper for what is being sent to logic


    Mix Control is nothing but a remote control for the internal mixers in your audio interface. These mixers can be used to mix audio coming from your inputs and audio coming from your computer and send the sum of the mixes to the hardware outputs of the interface. That's the one and only task of Mix Control. It does not control anything going into your computer.

    You might have troubles with Direct monitoring vs. DAW monitoring. You shouldn't ever use both at the same time .... and to avoid unneccessary latency introduced by DAW monitoring, you should use Direct monitoring only (for your analog and S/PDIF inputs).