Nanoboot; burn from USB

  • Hi guys,

    I just tried to update to the new Kemper Profiler OS 7.4.1 2 after inserting the usb stick in my kemper unpowered head I got the error message "Nanoboot; burn from USB'.

    This error message appears each time I switch on the kemper, resetting the system settings did not help either.

    I already contacted support, but maybe someone has an idea or suggestion?

  • Resolved ERROR: unable to locate firmware file on USB device

    Followed the instructions below and a progress bar appeared <re: firmware> then followed by a normal startup.

    Now I can go change my underwear.

    I got this info from

    Other useful Kemper recovery solutions as well.

    Install or reinstall the firmware

    • Switch the main knob to off

    • Download the latest KPA firmware

    • Get an empty fat32 formated USB stick

    • Copy the unziped firmware file 'kaos.bin' to the root folder of the USB stick

    • Plug the USB stick into the KPA

    • Press and hold both '<' and '>' keys

    • while still holding both keys - switch KPA to tuner

    • Something like 'booting and installing' will be displayed

    • Wait until the firmware is reinstalled

  • Having issues since trying to update to 7.4. Getting an error screen now, and have tried all of the fixes listed on this thread. Here is my error:

    nanoboot: burnFromUSB()

    ERROR: unsupported filesystem (only FAT supported)

    failed to update firmware

    My flash drive is FAT32, even tried formatting it again, adding the kaos.bin file from 7.3 and 7.4. Still getting this error.

    Any help would be appreciated!!