Booting and burning to USB

  • Hi, With regard to 'Booting and burning from USB', can someone tell me how long this process takes?

    I'm trying to assess if the unit is actually doing something or not.

    It's been a few hours now and it's still telling me that's what it's doing. Thanks

  • I was updating the unit and accidentally pulled out the USB drive.

    After research online, I concluded that I have probably corrupted the unit's OS, so have followed the following steps. However, the unit has been displaying "Booting & burning from USB drive" for an hour or more, so I am thinking nothing is actually happening?

    Can one of the Kemper technicians give an approximate time for how long the 'booting & burning process' should take? Before I conclude 'nothing' is happening, and I need alternative correction advice.

    1. Download the latest Kemper Profiling Amp firmware
    2. Transfer the “kaos.bin” file to a USB flash drive
    3. Plug the USB drive into the Profiling Amp
    4. Press and hold the < and > keys and switch the amp to Tuner mode
    5. Wait until the firmware has been reinstalled
  • Booting and burning is faster than a normal update - a matter of a few minutes.

    Normally, if you pull the USB memory stick during an upgrade, you should be able to restart with the OS that has been installed before. What happens, if you do?

    Which OS version is currently installed, do you know? Which version is on our USB stick? Which PROFILER model do you use, a classical PROFILER or a Stage?

    Please open a support ticket and provide that information.

  • If I turn on the unit (Unpowered rack) without a USB in it, it displays, 'ERROR: unable to mount device. With a USB in, it displays the 'booting and burning from USB device'.

    The OS on the stick is PROFILER Operating System

    Nothing is happening, clearly. It's not booting and burning.