OS7.5 Beta now available

  • wow, look at all the other goodies included, the high & low cut in the output section is going to be awesome


    added: new effect Acoustic Simulator in category Equalizer

    added: new effects Phase Widener and Delay Widener in category Equalizer

    added: new effect Auto Swell in category Compressor

    added: Low Cut and High Cut filters in Output Section affecting all outputs

    added: Pitch, Voice Interval, and Key in pitch and pitch delay effects can now be morphed

    added: S/PDIF slave capability for classical PROFILER models manufactured since about 2019. New devices show option Auto/Internal in Output Section like Stage models do.

    improved: S/PDIF latency decreased (at 44.1 kHz)

    User Interface

    fixed: wrong Rig gets replaced when new Rig gets stored after PROFILING

    fixed: UI to MIDI; slave PROFILER loading incorrect Slot with Performance Load set to Pending or Keep Rig

    fixed: Looper Mode not displaying Overdub correctly, if Play/Record/Overdup button gets hold after First Recording.

    fixed: expression pedals having dead area in heel and toe positions after each restart of PROFILER Stage

    Factory Content

    added: five delay presets, twelve wah presets, one vowel filter preset, and one vibrato preset

    changed: legacy wah presets changed to Pedal Mode=On

  • legacy wah presets changed to Pedal Mode=On

    I'm very excited to get home and install this beta, been waiting for the ac. simulator anxiously! With the legacy wah present changed as it says, does that mean you no longer can do 'bypass to stop' or any of the other choices I rely on all the time?

  • Installed this and on Kemper stage:

    1. I cannot change slave/master mode for SPDIF anymore

    2. Low Cut and High Cut only go from 0 to 10 hz

    3. Got several long "Loading" ( spinning icon on mac ) in Rig Manager while Kemper site was down. Probably was trying to connect to Kemper servers but it was down.

  • I managed to update RM + KPA , all that from RM

    could not get the Acoustic sim to work, even on slot X , until I noticed my vol pedal was at 0 :( now working fine !

    Spdif slave mode still got some ticking on my PC, strange !

    New wideners working as mentioned in the docs :) incoming demos

  • My first take on the acoustic sim, played on the semi hollow from the pic :

    single sample, then doubled ( naturally ) , then parallel path with a bandmaster rig, then some sloppy finger style ( 25 years after I learnt the original lol ) . What a fantastic sustain :o

    I had to put a comp in slot B , but that's it , pretty RAW spdif takes with no post EQ and straight rendering from reaper :

    Another set of clips using the swell this time : the stronger you hit the most swell you get , playing soft = no swell in this clip

    2nd set has some comp ( from the swell FX ) to tame the huge dynamics on the chords

    So far , fantastic work Kemper team !!

  • follow the vid from the 1st page , I used some acoustic preamp from the rig packs, but any amp profile will do it as you have to disengage AMP + CAB not to colour the sim.

    is best used in slot A or B for ( also allows parallel path , while RTFM says X .

    The Acoustic sim FX is located in the Equalizers presets as well as wideners

  • Yeah I quickly set up and I get a lot of noise, even with the noise gate....then I switched the sim off and found no difference....I need to play around a bit...

    I'm getting a lot of boomy noise artefacts too when I strum hard. Not sure why as I've turned everything off as per the manual. Sounds a bit crackly too even with the noise gate set to 10.

  • I'm getting a lot of boomy noise artefacts too when I strum hard. Not sure why as I've turned everything off as per the manual. Sounds a bit crackly too even with the noise gate set to 10.

    For me I think it was user error/ I used an existing acoustic profile. When I used a different one it sounds OK. I also noticed some buzz from my guitar as well...

  • Acoustic sim - I have to say I like it. I sold an AC-3 pedal a while ago, as the acoustic sim style profiles (for Kemper and helix were as good as the pedal

    This is better.

    Plus you can slot acoustic IRs into the cab slot.... for more textures

    No need to buy a Hotone Omni AC pedal !

    Plus the auto sweller is cool !

  • This sounds great!

    Until I try to parallel path.

    As soon as I enable parallel path I get lots of hiss until I raise the mix to almost max for the amp sound.

    I've tried a few profiles, all very clean to no avail.

    I'd like to morph between acoustic and an edge of breakup tone but the hiss is not going to work. Until then I can put the desired tone in slot 2 but morphing would be best.

    Anyone else?

  • It's simple !!!

    Kemper programmer, can to do it with adding ,,volume parameter" into the AC sim.

    Then, we can use morphing between parallel and volume.