Digital I/O expansion card bay in future hardware model for AES, Word clock etc.

  • I find myself wishing for an AES interface on my Stage in place of coaxial S/PDIF. The former is more common in the professional live and broadcast sectors, and digital desks often have AES i/o going spare, whereas a S/PDIF Pair (if fitted) are often taken up by some outboard equipment racked near the desk. An output only would just about suffice, as a lot of digital desks and associated stageboxes have sample rate converters on AES inputs. An out as well (that could be a clock source) that could be used as an aux return would be even better.

    Given the ever expanding range of Kemper usage scenarios, rather than having to have every option, perhaps an i/o expansion slot would make sense, so users could pick an AES card, AoIP card, W/C i/o card to best suit their integrations needs.