Overdrive updates

  • Firstly, I want to say how much I love this product. I really dug into it this weekend with my new remote, and was able to get everything programmed in a very short time. I believe I'm just going to have a remote and pedal onstage now! WOW!

    Only thing I would ask as a future inclusion, would be OVERDRIVE options. I love that you picked the RAT - but I'm not really a Tubescreamer guy, and BOSS Distortions aren't my thing either. IDEALLY, perhaps you would consider emulating one of the MOST Popular Overdrives - Earthquaker Devices PLUMES. It is SO great - I think MANY would be super happy about that. My second choice would be JHS Pedals MOONSHINE v2.

    Another tool I use to GREAT affect (pun intended) is the Digitech FREQOUT - to create feedback VERY easily. Something like this would be very very useful too - because as you know, feedback is VERY exciting. An added benefit is that it does an EBOW style thing too.

    Thank you for your consideration! :)

  • What ever happened to the fabled updates to the overdrive stomps? I've read about this coming sometime in 2020. These effects are not that great compared to the competitors and could use a refresh. Not to mention there are far too little stomps - a Klon pedal would be one welcome addition, among others.

  • they have been working on getting the editor working properly, releasing the imprints, Kone/Kabinet, a unified OS for Stage and Classic models, acoustc simulator, various widener effects (including one that seems like a replacement for the mimiq), auto swell, some new wahs, upgraded eq options for the Main Output and Monitor Output, and all of that during COVID 19 lockdown ? i’m sure the ODs haven’t been forgotten about ?

  • Let them some time to breath. There has been three days since the last big update and you are already asking for more ?

    i want it and I want it now! Cheezus some ppl should spend as much time practicing patient as the guitar. ^^

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  • Honestly the Kemper team can't update the overdrive stomps with all the pedals in the world. The existing will be updated for sure eventually. Maybe we will see a few more of the most popular and requested but that's it. You still can buy and use your own in front, or in the loop, other pedals. No matter what I will still be using my modded Maxon OD-9. And there's a ton of profiles that have different od-pedals baked in.

    Think for yourself, or others will think for you wihout thinking of you

    Henry David Thoreau

  • As opposed to emulations of any specific OD or distortion pedal, I'd like to have a stomp with all the parameters to "roll your own".

    In a Boss multi-effect (I think it was the GT-5?), there was an od/distortion that had a bunch of parameters that allowed you to really fine tune the effect, and it sounded much better than any of the built in od/distortions. The snag with that Boss unit was, it was one global setting, so you were limited to one "custom" od/distortion. If Kemper included something like this (and it would seem like the best way to satisfy the majority of users), I would hope they would allow for a way to save at least a few different versions of this "custom" effect, perhaps as presets.

  • i’m fairly sure that’s the approach Kemper will take based on their other effects. When you think about it there are actually only a handful of unique OD/Dist circuits. Most pedals are a variation on one of the standards. Therefore, a “roll your own” based on the main topography options makes perfect sense.

  • For ODs 'missing', my thought has always been "You've got access to thousands of real amp profiles". Why am I thinking like I have one amp?

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  • I am really looking forward to this update. This is perhaps my biggest want of the Kemper. Past wants were:

    1) Performance Mode

    2) Foot controller

    3) Reverb enhancement

    4) OD enhancements

    For me, this enhancement will fulfill every want I have for the Kemper .... other than a special rig plug-in that makes my playing automatically better ;).