TC Electronic Integrated Pre - Half Baked Preset

  • Sup!

    So im a metal guy here and i was watching Matt Heafy (Trivium) Stream a shootout he did of the 5150s he uses....6505,5150Block,5150 II, 6534+.

    He Did them all in a row and its a pretty cool vid to watch if your a tone nerd as most of us are, and seek out differences.

    Anyways he is known as hoarding a few TC Electronic Integrated Preamps. Mainly Because Fredrik Thordendal (Meshugga) and their Producer are most famous for using them and hoarding them. So apparently they are a main piece to their tone. Personally im not savy on Meshugga i just know they have broootal downtuned tones.

    Anyways to keep this short....I went Full nerd and searched out (Like many) what makes the TC Pre so unique or sought after. I learned its super hard to find on the used market and apparently sell for upwards of $400 if found.

    I scoured how the Eq Profile was shaped and what it does to the signal. I stumbled upon a few videos comparing that stuff in detail with Fortin's 33 and Grind pedals. We probably know Fortin is pretty much the king of the High Gain game. These videos claimed that Fortin was after what the TC Pres were doing and it makes sense that then Fredrik has a signature pedal from that. They insinuated his goal was to maybe produce that??

    Anyways i came up with a "Half Baked" Rig of my interpretation of the TC Pre Infront of an amp in the Kemper.
    So if you Look up on the Rig Exchange 6/23/2020 You will find 2 options One with the Guido B. 5150 thats in one of the Kemper Rig Packs. Then a rig without the Amp included so you could drop your own amp into it.

    I have tested it at kinda low volumes so far with a few different amps and i think it sounds pretty damn ripping. Its not Rocket science what i did, or will i claim its a direct result of what the TC Pre will do infront of an amp ...but i think it could be a cool addition to our nerd ears.

    Let me know what you think if youd like! its my first contribution to the Rig Exchange!

    Again Search : Yetti TC Pre