Rig Manager loading Amp or Cabinet

  • Hi to all,

    i was really surprised to see the Kemper-Editor. But i don't find a possibility to load a single amp or cabinet into a rig.

    Do i have it to do manually in the Kemper or is the Editor in development?

    Thanks and greets Harald

    And btw: I just registrated my Stage (So i think i'm a registrated user, but i still can't make a new theme in private forum...)

    What am i doing wrong?

  • It is a little counter intuitive at first but works quite well when you get your head round it.

    If you want to load Amps and test them from a large list like the Browser pool then right click on the Amp and select “Lock All But Amp“. Then double click on the rig in the Broswer pool and only the Amp part will load. I

    f you want to keep amps but change cabinets use “Lock All But Cabinet” instead. Now the FX and Amp will stay but the cabinet will change when you double click.

    If you want to keep all FX but change Amp AND Cabinet do the above then manually unlock the other one (amp/cab).

    If you only want to use a smaller group of amps and cabinets to mix and match you can drag the relevant block into the Presets folder to creat a preset then drag and drop presets directly onto the Amp and Cab blocks in the editor.