Kemper Spotting - Apocalyptica

  • Massive Kemper Stage spotting with the great guys from Apocalyptica playing their 20th anniversary show of the Apocalyptica plays Metallica by four cellos. Amazing! Great show as always with the guys. Funny how they put two Stages to the front of the stage in the middle of the show... nice scenes around 49:30 8)

    Nice memories for me personally as I had the incredible pleasure to play on a festival with them some 20 years ago ("Rheinkultur"). We we're the local hero band back then opening up on the big stage and Apocalyptica was 3rd or 4th band after us on the same stage... :)

  • The KPA got no limits in terms of instruments played on it , awesome. I used it on guitars, basses, keys , vocals , and even my trumpet : as it's the best piece of gear in my studio I use it as the main input with help of all professional tools in it.

    I plan to plug my original fender rhodes for the first time this next week , looking forward the great vintage vibes on fender twins and so !