Ssssllllooowww ssccrroolll in Performance Mode

  • Morning all

    I generally do not keep profiles on the profiler and only use Rig Manager to add profiles to slots when writing. Over the last week or so I have been adding profiles directly to the Kemper so I have less reliance on Rig Manager when writing and less need to use the mouse. (I don't use any effects or the editing capabilities of Rig Manager)

    Now I am on the latest version of the release operating system and I only have 92 profiles on the Kemper. When I am in Browse mode I can scroll through the profiles without issue, very quick. When I am in Performance mode it take around 15 seconds to move from one profile to another and about two or so minutes to scroll from 1 to 92 and that generally take a few more turns of the knob once the profilers catches up. For example I can turn the know loadsnof times to go from 1 - 92 wait 2 minutes and it only goes to 40 so I have to turn the knob again. All in all to scroll 92 profiles takes around 4 to 5 minutes.

    When the Browse knob is turned the whole system locks up and I can't do anything until the profiler catches up.

    I have reset the global parameters to no affect. Is this a common issue and if so, what version of the OS did this start to happen. I am happy to revert back to an older version as I literally only use the amp profiles and do not need all the other features. It is completely unusable in Performance mode now to the point I have started recording my Jubilee with a Mic as it is killing any inspiration to write.

    Any ideas


  • I took a backup to USB, turned off the Kemper and held down the first button near the LCD and then powered the Kemper back on until I ended up in maintence mode. There I completed a factory reset and once completed I restored the backup.

    there are so many buttons near the LCD ;-)
    Does it have a label?

    Or is it one of the soft-buttons above the LCD?