Why no Delete or clear in performances?

  • Maybe I'm missing something, but since I got the Kemper last year my biggest issue has been setting up performances. I was waiting on the new rig manager because I thought for sure, it would solve my problem. Why is there no "Delete" or "clear" button? If I want to move around rigs or remove one, Why cant I just clear a rig off of a performance and put something in its place? It makes no sense to me and I spend far too much time with this and it is very frustrating because the one I want to move just moves around the slots. I just want to clear one off, not move them back and forth. I have 5 performances that I put many rigs for a two hour set that changes often. I dread having to move songs around because I just cant Remove something from a slot. A simple "CUT" would work. Why does a rig Have to stay in a performance. That's not my only issue setting up performances, but it's the main one.

  • The performance slots are fixed, so you can't actually remove one. However, if I recall, if you right-click on one isn't there an option to initialize it? Or perhaps my memory is off ...

    Edit: sorry, I was thinking of an entire performance and you're referring to a rig within a performance.

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  • as christianbad pointed out, you don’t need to delete. The way to clear is simply to hit the disable button to the right of the slot.

    Right, but it still stays there and just moves around. I just don’t understand why there isn’t a delete/cut/remove for the rigs in the performance slots. It’s my least favorite thing about the Kemper. Setting up performances could be so easy but it always wants to fight me.I should be simply able to remove a rig and drag and drop one right in or leave it blank.

  • You can copy and paste performance slots in rig manager. You can do this from another performance or from rigs. Pasting will overwrite the rig in the slot. You can rearrange slot in a performance right on the profiler without overwriting any of them. Maybe a dummy rig, with everything turn down or off, could be pasted in any slots you do not want to use? I am going to give that a try.

  • The "empty" slots in initialized Performance contains the same "Crunch" Rig, the default Rig, which you can find in #1. The difference in between #1 and the other slots is that slot #2 - #5 are disabled. If you want to restore the original state, drag this "Crunch" Rig back into the performance and disable it.