Favorite cabinets? Is there a megathread?

  • Hi all,

    I’m looking for advice on good virtual cabinets to consider, free or paid. I’m starting to get into experimenting and I’m a little overwhelmed and would like some good starting points. I was hoping to purchase Till’s cab pack and I see his site is being reworked.

    I don’t see a megathread on this and searching for cabinets often yields results for physical cabinets.

    My tastes are relatively simple: 80s hair metal, so we’re talking Greenbacks, V30s, etc. I’m also looking for crunchier rock options, too, if they differ (eg, Kansas, AC/DC, not so saturated sounds). I’m not all that up to speed on speakers in that style.

    If it helps I play through a Headrush 108 at low/medium volumes. I know some of this is a volume issue but I think a lot of it can be solved with better cab pairings.

    Thank you!