Issues with Low Cut/High Cut in Editor

  • Hi everyone,

    I think there's a bug with the Low Cut and High Cut in the Editor but, I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing the problem.

    I noticed that the values for the Low Cut amd High Cut parameters in the Output section are the same in the Editor. So the whole range of the Low Cut (up to 800/900 Hz) is before 1/4 of the way around the dial in the Editor. And if you go to the output section in the Kemper and then adjust the Low Cut from there and watch both screens, the values on the Editor are different and work differently than if you adjust from the Editor. And from the Editor it's pretty hard to find where the Low Cut is actually at. Not sure if that's how it's supposed to be but, it seemed like a bug or something to me.

    Also, the High Cut parameter doesn't correspond between the Profiler and the Editor. For example : if you go in the output section on your Kemper and leave that screen up, and then turn the dial in the Editor, if you watch the screen of the Kemper, the values are totally different (like a big gap apart). And if you do it the other way around and adjust the High Cut on your Kemper and watch the Editor, the dial turns but values between the Editor and Kemper are different. So idk if the High Cut in the Editor isn't working properly or what the bug is.

    Figured I'd ask about this and try to find out if it's a bug and if others are experiencing it. I hope I made sense and didn't sound too confusing or crazy lol!

  • Wheresthedug how do I go about logging out with them and reporting the bug?

    Also, I've had my Kemper give me an error screen and weird message a handful of times but it was always something a restart fixed so, I've never reported any of it or contacted Kemper over it. Do you think in the future, I should report that stuff too? Or only UI bugs and stuff? (sorry for a question that's only semi - related to the topic lol)

  • i would suggest logging this a bug with Kemper and they will investigate. If it is a bug they don’t know about the will fix it quickly and release a system update.

    Also, are you experiencing the issue/bug with the Low Cut and High Cut as well Wheresthedug?

    No one has replied saying anything about experiencing the bug I'm talking about, so idk it its only happening to me or not. And since no one's said anything, I'm feeling like I'm just dumb and maybe that's just how Low Cut and High Cut work and maybe I just don't understand how the parameters work or something lol :D

  • you can email support with bugs

    there should also be a bug report option in the help menu of RM if I remember correctly

    i would report anything you think may be an issue or bug directly. Although Kemper staff are active on the forum they can’t be guaranteed to see a bug in a forum thread. Also they prefer to have an individual ticket for everything so that they can track and monitor any issues.

    i have’t actually touched the Hi/Low cut to be honest. I’ll have a look today and let you know though.

  • Thanks Wheresthedug for all the info and all of your help.

    I wasn't sure if any other users were experiencing what I was so I figured I'd ask on the forum about it. Since it's looking like it's a bug and not just me being dumb lol, I'll email Kemper support in hopes my info helps.

    Thanks for replying @G String

    Its nice to know the Kemper team are always on top of whatever new bugs pop up :thumbup: