Kemper | Rack Mount ?

  • Hello Kemper!

    I was looking into building a custom rack for all Kemper related gear that I use and thought I would post a request here.

    it would be great to see Kemper come out with Rack mount that would be custom to all the gear that is available and offer different size racks depending on how much gear one might have .

    personally, I would like a rack so the small Kemper cab can be in its rack high off the ground enough so the sound cuts through, a spot for the Kemper power rack to sit, place for drawers and storage space etc , space for pedal board to sit on a shelf within the rack? Maybe I’m going overboard but just a thought.

    Ideally it would be cool to be able to purchase a rack case that would already be custom to fitting the Kemper Cab, and Kemper Power rack, and anything else would be bonus


  • Problem is there are so many variations. Some will want drawers, some will want cab, others won't. plus there are so many manufacturers out there that I'm not sure it would be worth their while..

    I have my remote on a floor board for example and prefer to not flight case my cab...