Favorite Profiles for Tele

  • I have a profile named "Fan Vibr. Queen" from author "And44" / "The Amp Factory Rig Pack IV", that is Fender Vibrolux.

    With my Tele, it sounds best. Look up for other Fender profiles, example is "Fender Dlx '68 Vntg".

    Of course, it depends what you want to hear; I suppose clean profiles.

  • I've been focusing on cleans:

    "Fender 64 BM Clean" pretty great "vanilla" tone

    "Cln 02 Dr. Z Maz 38" might be my favorite Dr. Z profile so far

    "GSR FSR 24" is a Super Reverb that has juuuust the right amount of gain and brightness. Try his other ones too.

    "Cornell Romany Plus"

    "AC15HWX" by Maxime Lajoie is an ideal Vox sound.

    There's a Milkman profile on Rig Exchange that also sounds good.

    Find a good AC30 too!

  • as a Strat player (mostly), I find that I like the same Profiles with the Tele, they do sound more Tele-ish obviously, but that's why I got it in the first place.

    A proper setup (including pickup height & angle) to suit your ears is mandatory.

    I even play gigs with either the Strat or the Tele, using the exact same rigs.

    I guess it has more to do with the guitar sounding the way you like, than with what's written on the headstock.

  • 3P (great profiles made by Britt), Fenders, Tone King, Supro, DrZ, the Morgan by Pacheco, etc. Cleanish or low gain amps if you want some twang. It all depends on the sound you are after. Try the free packs first . Or the free ones in websites like Tone Junkie's. Most profiles that sound good with a Strat will sound good with a Tele, but the pickups on your Tele will be a key factor. I tend to prefer the neck pup with many profiles. I have one Tele only, but I find the simple design endearing. And It is a versatile guitar nevertheless.