Kemper Stage and Headrush 108

  • I just bought a kemper stage and a headrush 108, and I've noticed it makes weird feedback noises when I hit hard on the strings or have the volume up, is there some settings I need to change on the stage to get rid of this

  • I don't know if this actually help you. When I 1st time read about Headrush 108 I was excited, I bought it but then I was very dissapointed. Regardless what I did (placement against ground/walls, different eq's etc) it still sounded very muddy/boomy/bassy and it was almost impossible to obtain reasonable sound. Maybe for the heavy metal it would be ok but that's not my cup of tea :-) I've sold it and now I have Hotone Loudster + Harley Benton 1x12 Vintage 30 (I am planning to replace Vintage 30 speaker with Kone) and I am quite happy with this solution. It sounds great with my Kemper Stage.

  • Ryan96: check, if your output is too heavy, leading to clippings. Or check delay and other effect settings. On the other hand, your "wird feedback noises" might mean some other thing. Did you do a check against headphones?

    When I first had the profiler connected to my Headrush-112, I also was disappointed hearing digital, dirty artifacts. I think my adjustments to the profiles were leading to the tones which I now have and which now make me satisfy.

  • i have the Headrush 112 and it gives me the amp in the room feel. I actually prefer some of the profiles through the headrush to my fender and boogie combos, at band practice