How many profiles do YOU keep on your profile and in your local library?

  • My question is ...

    how do you organize your local library

    - every thing in the root folder

    - folder by creator ?

    - folder by amp ?

    - folder by creator - subfolder by amp ?
    - folder by amp - subfolder by creator ?

    RM is not very handy when it comes to folder organization.

  • Mine are in one big pool. Rather than wasting a bunch of time trying to create a "tree" hierarchy I use column sorting and search to get what I'm looking for. Just like Rig Exchange.

    I have performances and slots set up for some songs, but I also have a few themed performances, like Fender, Shiva, Police, Rush, Floyd, Jam, etc

  • I organize ist folder by amp. Using colum sorting to sort by creator, gain etc.

  • I currently have mine by author but as RM can’t search sub folders this is causing more hassle than it solve. I have a folder for each author for Studio and Merged Rigs and a separate folder for DAP as I never use DAP rigs and it is unbelievably annoying to be auditioning a studio rig then switch to a DAP rig and have your head ripped off and your tweeters fried 🤣

    I think I am going to remove everything from folders this afternoon and just have one big local library. However, I will still split this between Studio/Merged and DAP.

  • I'd hold out if I were you, Alan. You'd think it'd be a safe bet that we'll eventually be able to search "through" folder levels.

    I've done the same thing as you:

    Main categories (Acoustic Comm & Free, Bass Comm & Free, Gtr Comm & Free, Modellers Comm & Free, Direct Comm & Free etc)

    Author / Commercial Name

    Amp / Pack


    I've started placing DI Profiles in folders adjacent to their brethren in the comm and free categories but still have a lot to move. Until now I've kept them in the "Direct Comm & Free" categories, but now that Cabs are a lot quicker to mess with I figure I might as well marry them back up with where they belong alongside their Studio and Merged equivalents. At least they'll still be separated in folders.

    I'll just have to make sure I read folder titles properly before auditioning; I'd maintained them in a separate area in the first place so as to avoid unhappy accidents.

  • folder by creator - subfolder by amp here

  • I have 79 profiles in my folder rated by Favs, and I also consider more that 8 is a waste of space. I just can't decide on which 8 to keep yet lol.

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... :D Kemper/Helix user

  • I still have about 300 on my KPA, but I only use about 10! So they serve no practical purpose being on there as I never browse them and only ever use performance mode.

    In RM I only have a couple of folders, ones for downloaded packs so they are together and 1 for "new Profiles" where I've found something I want to reference it e.g. fiddle with it, compare to current.

    Wheresthedug the Bert M SLO is now on there :)

  • I keep as few as possible in the Profiler, currently about 75, but use only about a dozen regularly. Those 75 are my "favorites" and I keep them on the Profiler just in case there is a call for something different than my normal dozen. If I modify a rig, I usually keep the original as a reference or a "start over" point. I also have about 25 performances that are set up for specific uses. I only use about 4 of those performances regularly.

    In RM, I keep everything that I've purchased or downloaded and didn't just delete right away. I keep them in folders by author/profiler and I rate and/or favorite them for future use. I copy some rigs into separate folders to quickly access rigs I like for specific purposes: funk, rock solo, crunch, surf, octaves, EL84 clean, sitar sounds, 80s tones, neck pickup tones, Pink Floyd sounds, etc., etc. I make myself notes in the comments: dark, bright, Fendery, Voxy, smooth, edge of breakup, solo, the name of a specific song, etc. to allow me to quickly search for those types of profiles. There is quite a bit of duplication, but it allows me to quickly find what I need.

    Of course, ask me next week, and all of the above may have changed! :P

  • I think I have around 40 Guitar profiles on my kemper but I use one most of the time. I could probably dump 20 of them. I’m now looking for some bass profiles I like because I am getting a new 5 string bass tomorrow. I made the mistake of having tons of profiles on my kemper the first few years I had it and I do much better keeping it simple. I will get on rig manager and try some different profiles sometimes but rarely add a profile to my kemper. The idea is find a few tones I really like and play more and tweak and mess around with profiles less. It is easy to waste a lot of time messing with tons of profiles. I also think spending time with a profile that is close will yield better results than trying to fish through hundreds of them for the perfect one. It doesn’t exist. Everyone has a different guitar and play style so it’s more about getting close then playing and tweaking some to find what works for you. just my experience.

  • I just got my Kemper set up yesterday and this was the thread I was looking for... I THINK? 8|

    I was originally searching for how you folks store the rigs/packs on your physical hard drive or Dropbox which I'd still like to know. DB would be great and I searched for that here in the Forum but all I found was the zip files had to be extracted first, which is fine. I'd think for drive storage of rigs, I'd use Author as the folder name bare minimum.

    My Kemper came with 287 from the factory and I just added three TJ freebies as a test so now I'm at 290.

    All Rigs: 1587

    My Profiler: 290
    Local Library: 3 (the ones I just did a test import of)

    Rig Packs: 1294

    British Audio sent me the "full" MBritt library and I have not even unzipped those yet so I don't know how many are in there.

    After reading through this thread, I logically will need or want end up with probably a dozen or so rigs I like to use or use regularly. Am I thinking right about this? I guess the daunting task will be at some point to start removing some of the 290 rigs from the Profiler itself and be juidicious about what I add going forward, right? I'm not a fan of clutter at all.

    I have an iMac here at my desk with RM but I'll almost certainly want to add RM to my MacBook Pro for portability and I assume that is possible or I can just load what I need from DropBox.

    All questions, comments or suggestions would be appreciated. The sooner I get the housekeeping part of this figured out, the sooner I'll have more time to play. If there's a must read thread or threads, let me know.

    Thanks! ~Robert