Solved : Spill-Over is not spilling over at morph (Browser Mode)

  • I was missing spillover since approx. 1254 years...

    Delay is located at the delay slot, reverb at the reverb slot.

    In Rig menu page 1 the checkbox for "Rig spillover Off" is off.

    But I never heard a nice spillover...

    Why ? Now I figured out :

    I am usually incrementing rig´s volume and delay feedback/mix a little by morphing in order to get a nice solo sound (works great!)

    Morphing is engaged by re-pressing the same footcontroller´s button.

    Changing the rig from a unmorphed sound => spill-over

    Changing the rig from a morphed sound => NO spill-over

    Am I doing someting wrong ?

    Is there a trick hidden in the manual (I read, but found none)

    (I am always using the browser mode, for me it feels more simple)

    EDIT : Actual software is OS,

    but as mentioned above, I never heard a nice spill-over before

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  • Here’s my theory. To provide spillover and fast switching in browse mode between rigs, essentially all rigs are potentially the next selected rig. However in performance mode, only the other four in the same performance and one rig in each of the adjacent performances are. Not sure how much of each rigs data has to sit in RAM or whatever to provide instant access and spillover, but there must be a limit. It’s the reason that the line 6 helix’s dirty secret is that you not only don’t have spillover between presets, but a large audio gap between them, making in song changes impractical.

  • In the manual I cannot find any limitations due to morphing,

    so I don´t know, is it a bug or is it intended behaviour.

    The only restriction I found : delay at the delay slot, reverb at the reverb slot.

    This I´ve done correctly.

    I hope one of the kemper specialists knows more about it.

  • I believe there is a small signal gap when changing between rigs in Browser Mode whereas Performance Mode is specifically designed for live use where instant seamless changes are required. I haven’t tested it as I only use Browser Mode from Rig Manager when auditioning profiles or simply playing with a single sound. I use Performance mode all tje time if I am going to be changing rigs in real time. however, it would be easy enough for you to put 2 or 3 of you favourite rigs in a single performance and see whether the problem persists.

  • So you have never heard spillover at all, or in a certain situation?

    What else effects do you use in both rigs that you pass when switching?

  • Thanks for your answer !

    I didn't hear a spillover because I usually use morph for solo sounds.

    I raise the gain and the delay's feedback and mix. (works great btw !)

    I figured out that after activating morph spillover is missing at changing the rig.

    Change the rig without morphing : spillover ok.

    Raising delay's feedback and mix manually then change the rig : spillover ok, too.

    Is it a bug ? Shall I open a ticket ?

    Grüße aus dem Schwabenländle


  • I found the solution buried deep in the manual at the dalay's description !

    (May there should be a hint about the influence to spillover)

    I changed the delay's mix: post to mix:pre

    Now it's spilling over and over and over and over and over

    and I am soooo happy ! Yehaaaa !

    @Helge thanks for your fast response.

    The ticket can be closed.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Spill-Over is not spilling over at morph (Browser Mode)” to “Solved : Spill-Over is not spilling over at morph (Browser Mode)”.
  • I am experiencing the same issue but in performance mode. Changing to "pre" does not help. Seems to me more like a bug that I can't get rid of until its programming is resolved.

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