Trace Elliot V8 (First attempt)

  • Lockdown restrictions finally let us get a rehearsal last night, so I took the opportunity to take the rare old beast with me and try out the Stage + DI option for profiling.

    It's a fairly cranked setting on the amp itself - gain at 3 o'clock, bass 11 o'clock, mid 1 o'clock and treble at 2 o'clock. Bright switch on, Deep off, compressor off and main volume about 9 o'clock (barely on, but still deafening) and Kemper into the Active input, because I'll be using an 18v Status with it. The trouble with this amp (such as there is), is that there's so much clean headroom, you have to dime the settings to get any kind of grit.

    I'm going to take further more standard setting profiles over the next few week, time allowing, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'm happy to try them and upload. I know there's not many of these amps about, but was quite surprised that there was no profile already, and they're a phenomenal-sounding head.…load/8IFuHxMsDKwxdJsvyqHW

  • Sorry, I should have pointed out that this is a direct profile, so sounds pretty rubbish on its own. Running through a Crown XLS1002 + Ampeg SVT610 however, is a different story.

    I've managed to source a microphone with a half decent bass response, so I'll have a go at making a merged profile this week...