Can favourite but not unfavourite Rigs!

  • Hi again everyone.

    I can favourite rigs on the Kemper - they then appear in my Fav list. But...I have bought the amp only a week back & there are 100+ rigs listed as favs, and I can't unfavourite them.

    Is it a bit odd to get a new amp with favourites already stored btw...?

    If I select a rig & hold down the rig button, it says they ate "no favourite anymore" but they still appear in my fav list. If I go to the Rig page, there is a button to untick Favourite (on the rigs I have unfavourited it is still ticked...) and if I press the button the tick stays in the box.

    I can't select or deselect rigs as favourites in rig manager either.

    Is this normal???

  • Thanks - just checked & no. Plus not every rig is in favourites - there were probably about 50% of the preloaded in there at the start.

    When I press the RIG button I get the message that rig is no longer a favourite, but when I go back in they are still there. Additionally, Rig Manager does not allow to favourite or unfavourite.