Separate Low Cut / High Cut Settings for Monitor & Main Out

  • In my case I play in an untreated room, which requires me to increase low cut to 120-130hz to prevent everything in the room from vibrating.

    It's great that I've entered the Kemper world in the right time when it's available as a global setting in the output section, because it's really solving the issue for me meanwhile (without the need to set it per rig etc'). Thanks for that!

    However, I think that it's a good idea to have a separate low cut/high cut settings for the main out as it's probably better send more low end when recording..

    Maybe my case is extreme and obviously there are workarounds, but even if the differences are smaller, I think it would be great to have different settings for playing live (Monitor) vs recording (Main out).


  • Hello.

    To adapt the thread further. I also had the idea of routing especially EQs only to a certain output. This due usage of several outputs simultaneously.

    Reason: The EQ is not necessary when I use a Kemper Cabinet but important for FRFR. At least for the sounds I use. The EQ in a stomp is different compared to the basic Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence Option.

    So it should be possible to assign those stomps to a certain output. Currently e.g. it is possible to route the signal in wet and dry to certain outputs but not certain stomps. For me an assignment of the EQ would be sufficient.

    Or is there an existing feature I didn’t find out yet?

  • In addition, what about adding HighCut and LowCut to each rig ?

    I see at the rig menu of each rig things like Transpose and so on.

    Would be a wonderful place for the cuts.

    A high gain rig needs a lower HiighCut frequency as a Clean or an acoustic rig.

  • Well as foh sounds different than personal monitors I would rather suggest having EQ in the stomps being assigned to a certain output maybe as well as effect-mixes (e.g. Delay, Reverb). Maybe an pre/post Studio-EQ per Output might be appropriate. The Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence is not sufficient at least to my needs.

    Why not per Rig? Imprints work global and per rig. As long as the user has the choice why not...