EVH5150III 50W - Olmost Pack

  • English: Hello everyone! I share with you the pack that I made of my EVH 5150III 50w. This pack is made for live use, but merged profiles are best of both worlds. Please read my Kemper recomended settings for live tone match.

    Español: Hola a todos! Comparto con vosotros el pack que he realizado de mi EVH5150III 50W. El pack está especialmente creado para usar en vivo, pero los perfiles merged tienen lo mejor de los dos mundos. Por favor, leer las notas del pack para uso en vivo!

    The plack includes:

    - 10 RAW DI profiles (use your favorite IR!!!)

    - 10 DI profiles - Tweaked for live Use with 2x12 V30s CAB

    - 1 Performance with 5 slots from clean to hi-gain solo (with effetcs, morhp, etc.)

    - 3 IRs in Kemper Preset format from Seacow Cabs

    - 50 Merged profiles (same 10 DIs with 2 cabs and 5 positions) with live settings applied:

    • M1: HB 2x12 V30 AKG Perception P5 Center Cone
    • M2: HB 2x12 V30 AKG Perception P5 Middle off axxis Cone
    • M3: HB 2x12 V30 AKG Perception P5 Cap Edge Cone
    • M4: PEAVEY 5150 4x14 AKG Perception P5 Center Cone
    • M5: PEAVEY 5150 4x14 AKG Perception P5 Middle off axxis Cone

    Link: Olmost EVH5150 50W Merged Pack.zip

  • Thanks Olmost for taking the effort to create these and for sharing them here. Cool thing :thumbup:8)

    I really like how many profiles you created and the clear naming convention which shows what's behind. Impressive. Happily looking forward to try these :)

  • Hey man, these are pretty awesome! Any chance you can do more DIs or "Live" DIs? Maybe some more of the blue channel with a bit higher gain? They are sounding great through my Mesa 2x12...I'm still tweaking a little but they're really good out of the gate.