A/B switch between Powered Kemper and 2 cabs (Kabinet & Marshall JCM 900)

  • Tried searching for this but no luck. Sorry if a repost. I have a powered Kemper and have the Kemper Kabinet as well as a Marshall JCM 900 4x12. Love the Kabinet, but every once and awhile I want the umph of the Marshall when jamming with gainier tones. Was looking into an A/B switch of some sort that could sit in between my Kemper poweramp and the two cabs to allow me to switch between the two cabs on the fly without having to unplug and replug in cables. I don't think I would do want to run both cabs at the same time as the FRFR and/or imprints signal wont sound good with the Marshall, but if there is a solution without an additional poweramp, I am all ears.

    Again, main priority would be functionality to switch between the Kabinet and Marshall on the fly without screwing up the impedance and output settings with an improper device sitting between my poweramp and cabs.

    Thanks for your help!

  • I was doing something similar when I first got my Kemper switching between a cab and powered monitor, but that was using a gcx switcher (before the power amp). You could probably do something similar by panning, but you'd need a second amp obviously.

    I wouldn't think switching after the speaker output would be worth the risk of damaging the power amp.

    I now have 4 kones, Marshall cab is just for the Marshall now

  • Yeah I am assuming it's an uphill battle, and to your point, probably not worth breaking my Kemper to save a few minutes reconnecting cabs. Do you feel like to cones being in the Marshall cab body flavor the tone at all? I really like how the Kabinet's 1x12 represents fendery and other americana cab tones, but it seems like the heavier Marshall frame would darken things a bit. Did you ever compare?

  • I've only had the Kones in a 4x12 so far, I'm about to make two oversized 2x12 cabs soon (I hate lugging 4x12's). I'm definitely after the big cab sound though, but it's easier to make a big cab sound small than vice versa with the kones, that's my theory anyway.

    My plan b was to have 5 kones, a 1x12 for portability and a 4x12. I've read at least one other user going that route

  • Hey Strat dude - how are you running the 4 kones in the 4x12? I've only been able to get decent gain tones out of one or two imprints - and run Monitor Cab Off = On, Imprint On, Rig Cab Off. Seems like when I run Monitor Cab Off = Off and Rig Cab On, I get a very flat blanketed sound.

  • Cab needs to be on, the Kemper then bypasses the cab module for monitor/speaker out if you have selected imprints. If you turn the cab off the Kemper thinks you want no speaker emulation at all (ie; for acoustic guitar etc) and turns off the imprints too.

    Keep in mind when you are running Kones, the imprints are just for the Kones, the main outputs to front of house are still using the cab module, as will headphones so don't try to turn this off.

    I've only used vintage 30 imprints for hi gain stuff, none of the others gelled with me, but I'm really liking a lot more profiles now that sounded meh with my G12s-50's.

    Good luck!

  • stratdude - thanks for the reply...much appreciated. Just so I have that right you are saying Monitor Cab Off = On, Rig Cab = Off, Imprints = On, the imprints are actually turned off? Or you are saying this config just bypasses the cab module and still uses imprints (kind of what it sounds like to me - I can still change the global imprint setting on this config).

    So for your set up though, you run Monitor Cab Off = Off, Rig Cab = On, Imprints = On with your 4x12 of Kones? Seems like I get a pretty dead/blanketed sound that way. Maybe I need to tweak more though.

    I don't to a lot through PAs, but if I did run FOH, or when I record, I do put the rig cabs on.

  • stratdude - thanks for the reply...much appreciated. Just so I have that right you are saying Monitor Cab Off = On, Rig Cab = Off, Imprints = On, the imprints are actually turned off?

    Correct. If the Cabinet Block in the Stack is turned off Kone automatically switches to Full Range mode for acoustic guitars etc. The Imprints are only active if there is a Cab active in the Stack Section.