Help to get specific tone of youtuber

  • Hello,

    I am self-taught player with basic skills, I played 2-3 songs 10 years ago, I have started again in March and my goal is to learn Comfortably numb solo (yeah, for someone maybe boring). Basically I can play the solo already quite well, however I am still struggling to get the right tone of this guy . Once I asked him, he said he is using EVH 5153 with no effects, Valhalla room reverb + ping pong delay, all done in Cubase.

    However, when you check his KPA on video, two leds of Stomps are lighting, so he is using some effects. He is using Fender American Standard with DIamondback pickups, I have Fender Performer with DoubleTap pickups, but this should not be a real difference. I tried almost all profiles and it just lacks energy and gain in higher frequencies - and it is not my playing, some parts I play exactly the same.

    I will upload later WAV, so you could compare. I understand, this is a bit impossible to answer, do you know by chance which profile could be similar to the guys profile?