A few songs from a projectband (Kim Larsen tributeband)

  • Some songs from my project band and tribute to Kim Larsen from Denmark. 6 songs from a Covid-19 streaming consert with several bands. I was the only digital guy, and had the best guitarsound! :P

    I mainly use Preset Bogner ATMA and Mesa profile on the higain. Guitar: Tom Anderson HSTC (Hollow short scale)<3

    Simple Rig as I use with all bands i play with: Kemper, Yamaha DXR8, Kemper remote & Ernie Ball ex/volume, Sennheizer IM300 G3 inear

  • As I don;t know any Kim Larson, I can;t comment on the authenticity....plus I don;t understand why you guys are saying ;)

    But the band sounds great and your guitar sound is fab. Love the Tom Anderson!!!

    Nice work sir!

  • Thanx guys!! the soundengineer told me it was not optimal sound, because it was both streaming and some audience so soundwise it was some compromise. But ok sound and my TA was well balansed in the mix.