Simple Right Click Copy & Paste for Rig Manager.

  • Rig manager needs a simple and intuitive way to copy and paste individual rig elements such as stomps, amplifiers, cabs and effects from rigs and performance slots.

    Currently it seems I have to drag one of these elements to the presets folder and then drag from the presets folder to the desired location (rigs or performance slot). Then go back to the presets folder and tidy up by deleting the newly created preset. It’s all too cumbersome and time consuming.

    It’s actually easier to do on a physical Kemper because there are dedicated copy and paste buttons and there is no need for the intermediate step of creating a

    What I’m suggesting is that Rig Manager should have the same copy and paste functionality as other software packages (word processors, spreadsheets etc). Just a straight forward Right Click Copy followed by Right Click Paste. It really should be that quick and easy.

    I hope the Kemper team considers implementing this.

  • +1 here. My favorite way of doing this. Intuitive and convenient. If consistently implemented for all items that really speeds up the workflow and helps concentrating on the plan/idea/concept in mind rather than focusing on the tool...