effect buttons New function after system update ?

  • I have had the Kemper stage for 4 weeks and been quite happy with it . But i have missed an autosave function for the effect buttons state .

    But after update it remembers the state of the effect buttons, if i select an other rig ,as long i don't change performence .

    This is perfect for me :-) .

    Is this intentionel ? I hope so . :)

  • Hehe don't get your hopes up :)

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  • The manual explains, that all edits within a Performance - and this does include Effect Button assignments - are maintained as long as you navigate with your hands on the front panel. You are obviously editing something. If you load another Slot via foot control (Rig Buttons of Remote/Stage or MIDI) instead, all former edits get withdrawn assuming you are performing and intend to load another Slot as stored and not as edited. It has always been this way and doesn't change in 7.5.4.

    With the editor coming into the picture there is one other situation: If a Performance is in preview mode and the editor shows one of the Rigs of that Performance, the assumption is always, that you are editing even if you load another Slot via foot control. We want to avoid that you heavily edit a Performance using Rig Manager/Editor and then with one accidental step on a foot button or MIDI comand received loose all your edits.

    This whole logic hasn't changed in 7.5.4 and is explained in the Main Manual.

  • Ok thank you for the answer .

    I wish there was mode that could "save" the Effect buttons state as long you don't change the to another performence . It would make live situations more intuitive and reduce the need for specific rigs/performence for every song. You could have a basic setup with your favorite effects assigned to the effect buttons and quickly ad or remove them in a slot .