Rig Manager not working fluetly at all. Lot of problems.

  • Hi all.

    I´m having problems when I set up my performances.

    I´m working with osx 10.12.6 , Rig Manager 3.0.136 to my Kemper rack and remote (up to date).

    I´m wondering if I do this somehow wrong but this is how I work:

    With rig manager: I select empty Performance. Then I jump to my local library to find the right sound. Copy it and go to performances and paste it to right place.

    The whole copy paste wont work sometimes. Sometimes it puts the sounds in wrong slots. Moving the slots sometimes won`t work. The naming of the sounds(slots) in preformance is awfully difficult. You can`t see the typing and sometimes it wont work. The remote can´t keep up with changes in performances and freezes. It sometimes causes that changes is lost and you must start all over again.

    I manage to do my performances yes, but having lot of problems . The software seems to have a lot of bugs.

    Is this same to all or am I just doing everything completely wrong way?

    Please help if you can. Thanx!