Expression Pedal Question

  • Hello all!

    I am quite new to the Kemper family and have a question regard expression pedals.
    Can I just hook up any guitar pedal? Do I need to set certain things up?

    A second question is, if I use the Kemper with an active speaker, would it be recommended to connect the Kemper to the PA and the active speaker? Or just the active speaker so that the PA hooks up a mic to the active speaker.

    Sorry if this is all a bit messy, it is quite late for me and English is not my first language!

    Thank you all so much in advance! ^^

  • As stated in the Quick Start manual, expression pedals are a special kind of pedal designed to be used with digital devices. These are recommended.

    You can connect powered speakers to the MONITOR OUT and feed the PA from the MAIN OUTPUT. You don't need a microphone. These subjects are covered in the Main Manual in great detail.

  • I think i understand your questions:

    1) Expression pedals - you need a dedicated expression pedal. I use the Moog EP-3 which is relatively cheap but solid. There are loads of other options. You will also need a TRS cable to connect.

    2) The benefit of the Kemper is that you shouldn't need to mike speakers anymore. Therefore you should use one output for the active speaker and one for PA. The list of outputs is int eh manual and someone else whop uses that config can advise but I assume you could use main outs in mono for each..

  • Thank you both! I'll take a look at the Moog-EP-3 and see how it feels/plays when I go to the store (when it's allowed to go of course ;) ).

    Secondly, I'm not the greatest with all the PA type stuff, hence why I asked here again. Thank you both for your quick answers! I greatly appreciate them. ^^